Meet The CEO



Hi my loves! I'm Quera, a passionate entrepreneur and mentor who has dedicated myself to empowering individuals like you to launch and operate their own successful staffing agencies and to show you how to start selling digital products.

Leaving the stability of a 9-5 job to embark on the path of entrepreneurship was a decision filled with both excitement and uncertainty. Transitioning from a salaried job to running a business came with its set of challenges. There were moments of doubt, financial concerns, and the constant learning curve that accompanies entrepreneurship.

As I approach the two-year mark on my entrepreneurial journey, I'm beyond excited to share a milestone that still feels like a dream – in just 4 months in the staffing industry and 7 months selling digital products, I've soared past $140K in revenue!

I've learned valuable lessons, and now it's time to share these insights with YOU! I have created the blueprints that lay the foundation for starting a successful staffing agency and mastering the art of selling digital products!